Shib Generating - SHG

SHG Race, your emotion on the asphalt!

SHG Race is the 1st P2E / PvP Game from Shib Generating's Game Lauch Platform - SHG.

At SHG Race, you'll have the best Car Crack experience ever, with innovative graphics, skin acquisition, fueling, vehicle upgrades and Turbine activation (NOS). Fly on the asphalt, secure the Podium and $Lucre!

Ecosystem overhauled, adapted for takeoff!

The Shib Generating Ecosystem underwent changes in order to better adapt to the requirements of the current financial market. Now more robust, with greater security.

SHG Betting Racing

At SHG Swap, In this betting racing game, players test their skills and luck by wagering on swift vehicles competing on challenging tracks. The excitement escalates with every tight turn and overtaking maneuver, while the stakes heighten the adrenaline in the quest for victory!

SHG Stake to Rewards

SHG Stake park your vehicles in staking slots to earn rewards over time. As your steeds rest, they accrue value, nurturing your racing empire. The longer they're staked, the closer you drive towards a bounty of racing riches, blending patience with strategic asset growth in the fast lane to prosperity.

SHG P2P Speedway

SHG Race is race against peers in a high-octane environment where both driving skills and strategic betting are key to victory. Engage in a player-to-player (P2P) competition, tailoring your betting tactics and maneuvering on the asphalt to outpace and outsmart opponents.

SHG Track Marketplace"

In SHG Places, Users can negotiate, buy, or sell high-performance vehicles, enhancing their competitive edge in the betting racing arena. As deals rev up, immerse in a dynamic market space where every trade steers you closer to the racing glory.


1st quarter
  • Listing Coinmarketcap
  • Listing Coingecko
  • Creation of SHG Swap
  • Creation of SHG Stake


2nd quarter
  • Platform SHG Race
  • NFTs
  • Aggressive Marketing
  • Partnerships


3rd quarter
  • Release: Gaming Platform
  • Opening: Automated burning portal
  • Swap listings
  • Partnerships with Wallets


4th quarter
  • Launch of SHG Race
  • News topics
  • NFTs
  • Aggressive Marketing
  • Opening the Marketplace
  • Exchange listing


1st Semester
  • Last Extraordinary Meeting
  • SHG Dao: Resignation
  • Waiver of Contract
  • Implementation of burns (automatic)
  • Supply of the Game Pool (automatic)
  • SHG 100% Decentralized
  • Partnerships


2nd Semester
  • Partnerships
  • SHG Dao: Improvements